Thought I would share a little bit about myself, and why/how I do what I do. 

  1. Who am I?
    I am just a simple guy who loves technology, videography, gaming and my family.
    I like funny, and appreciate honesty and integrity.
    I am married, have two boys (5 & 12) and a fat English bulldog named Mileena.
    I use to own and operate a motorcycle (street bike) shop- but eventually closed because of economic issues.
    I turned my attention to a second love, technology/videography.
    I work full-time as a network engineer by day.
    I build and repair PC’s in my spare time, but have largely dedicated my spare time to building Ringshouse.com.
    I am also a little league baseball coach & I like to play adult baseball in the Fall.
  2. Who do I (Zach Shelton/Ringshouse) work for?
    I work for myself.
  3. What does Ringshouse mean?
    Nothing special. My gamertag has been Ringleader since the PS2 had online gameplay.
    Ringshouse just made sense.
  4.  How do I get to events?
    Each event, I am (gratefully) sponsored by different teams, individuals or organizations.
    Typically, I am provided a combination of the following:  airfare, hotel, event entry.
    This varies by event.
    For example:
    One event I may have airfare paid for, but I have to take care of hotel expenses.
    Other times, I pay my own airfare-but have hotel taken care of.
    Sometimes, half of my airfare is taken care of and I pay half out of pocket.
    (I always take care of my own food (when I get to eat! 😉 ) and cab etc.)
  5. Why do I choose to work for myself?
    I have chosen this route because ultimately, I enjoy having creative freedom and maintaining creative control.
    Those of you, who know me personally, know that I work hard, long hours and I place a great value in producing QUALITY content for everyone.
    So, this works for me, for now.
  6. Why do I take time to produce content?
    Not for the money (believe me)
    My intent is two-fold.
    First, I know what it is like to love gaming, and to have people not really get it or understand it. I also know what it is like to work hard and put your heart and time into something that is a passion, and to see it not being taken seriously or misrepresented. I think teams and gamers deserve to have air-time and for people to see that it is a real thing- it is a sport. You guys are athletes, dedicated and serious.
    Second, I want people who are at home- or who aren’t able to get to live events, to see what events are like.
    Whether they just enjoy watching or are inspired in some way to bust their ass and get there someday, I want people to be able to have access to the aspects of live competitive gaming.
  7.  Do I make money? 
    I make a little bit each month from YouTube.
    There are times that I am approached by teams or individuals to take photos or capture footage in addition to what I put out there on my channel.
    On average, I work a weekend at an event anywhere between 6-14 hours per day. The money that comes from Youtube is not much, and is not why I do what I do. (and no, right now I am not interested in partnering or learning how to make more money so please don’t flood me with suggestions.)
    Overall, I try to be fair and produce high quality content -making it available to everyone. I do my best to get a little bit of everyone, known and unknown.